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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith is the 3rd film in the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars franchise. It chronicles the fall of the jedi and the rise of the galactic empire. The film stars Hayden Christensen who plays Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi Knight who was freed from slavery on his home planet of Tatooine by Obi-Wan Kenobi and his master at the time Qui-Gon Jinn. He was taken into the Jedi Order and showed much promise and potential but as with most prodigy children in media, they are very susceptible to corruption. Ewan Mcgregor plays Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi is Anakin’s former master turned close friend. Natalie Portman plays Padme Amidala. Padme is a member of the Galactic Senate and also Anakin’s wife (despite it being taboo for any jedi to have any romantic relationships). She is also pregnant with twins in the movie. Ian Mcdiarmid plays Sheev Palpatine. Palpatine is the Chancellor of the Galactic republic and secretly a Sith Lord who plays a very importa…

The Departed review

The Departed
The Departed is a 2006 film directed and Written by Martin Scorsese. It stars an A-list cast with the likes of Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Jack Nicholson as the main cast of characters. It won the Academy award for best picture, best director, best writing adapted screenplay, and best film editing among many other awards later on. The film is about two opposing sides playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse. On one side you have the Boston State Police who enlist the help of Billy Costigan ( Leonardo Dicaprio) who is a police academy dropout to infiltrate the Irish mafia and act as a mole for the police. The other side is the Irish Mob led by Frank Costello ( Jack Nicholson) who enlists the help of his nephew Colin Sullivan ( Matt Damon) to infiltrate the Boston State Police and act as a rat for the mob.  What ensues is a thrilling battle where both sides are trying to stay one step ahead of each other while trying to…

Avengers: Infinity War review

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War is the 3rd film in the Avengers series and the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has an all star cast featuring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Brolin just to name a few. It is more or less an epic event 10 years and 19 films in the making. Many of us Marvel fans were already aware of the Infinity Gauntlet story line from the comics but for those who do not know; here is a quick rundown. Thanos is a bad guy in the truest definition of the word. He obtains the Infinity Gauntlet with all six infinity stones and wipes out half of all life. The infinity stones are these 6 magical gems that hold incredible power and control a certain aspect of life. The time, space, reality, mind, power, and soul stones were created at the same time as the big bang and were scattered throughout the cosmos. Thanos collects the stones and as I said before, wipes out half of all life. He does this for one reason and one reason …

Why I love All-Might

All-Might, the symbol of peace and number one hero in My Hero Academia. He is the 7th user of the quirk One-For-All and mentor to Izuku Midoriya (aka best boy). I feel like the old over powered mentor trope has been used a lot throughout shonen anime especially with people like Master Roshi and Jiraya in Dragon Ball and Naruto respectively. Even though the idea of All-Might isn't exactly original because he's basically a more interesting Superman, but All-Might as a character is definitely very original. There's just something about him that puts a smile on the faces of not just the people in the show but also the viewers everywhere watching. Whenever he is on screen and you hear that hearty triumphant laugh and his signature theme song, you know things are gonna be all right.

Toshinori Yagi better known as All Might may be the symbol of peace in the eyes of many citizens in the My Hero Academia world but he does have a secret that the world must never know about. After a…

Cells at Work: The new and possibly better Ozzy and Drix

Do you guys remember the movie Osmosis Jones. It was a fairly decent movie about the inside of a very disgusting guy played by Bill Murray. It was about a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones aka Ozzy and his new partner, a pill named Drix ( I'm not sure how long the effects of a pill are supposed to last in the human body but I'm pretty sure Drix is an immortal pill). It followed Ozzy and Drix while they investigate a virus that has entered Bill Murray.

Now imagine 13+ years later a manga artist named Akane Shimizu decided to make a manga about the day to day adventures of a stoic white blood cell and a ditzy and adorable red blood cell who is terrible at her job. Thus we have cells at work, one of the most popular anime of summer 2018.

Now before I begin talking about what I like about Cells at work, I'm going to do a little comparison between the two.  Much like Ozzy and Drix, Cells at Work has a monster of the week type plot with each monster being a different type of …

My Top 10 favorite anime of all time

My Top 10 favorite anime of all timeI began watching anime at a pretty young age when my dad showed me Dragonball Z on Toonami when I was 6. Ever since then it has helped shaped me into the nerd that I am today so this list will be counting down my 10 favorite anime of all time. This list is in no particular order, its mainly just a list of shows that I've seen and that have really stuck out to me.#10  Guilty CrownThis show is probably the first show to ever make me cry (well not actually cry but dang it I was about to). I watched this back in 2015 and I haven't really re watched it ever since but it's still etched into my memory. There were plenty of moments that made me want to throw my laptop across my room in sheer anger but none the less I really enjoyed this show .
#9  My Hero AcademiaNow before you get upset in the comments section, this list is not in any particular order. My Hero Academia is currently my favorite anime this season what with season three currently i…

Anchorman: The greatest movie of all time.

Anchorman: The greatest movie of all time

Now I know what you may be thinking; "Anchorman got a 66% on rotten tomatoes, it's not even that good." While objectively Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is in no way a masterpiece but subjectively, I love it. I've seen my fair share of comedies over the years with some being good ( Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spaceballs, and Hot Fuzz) and others being terrible ( Master of Disguise, Jack and Jill, and Soul Plane) and from that large mass of comedies, one movie has stood out to me and has solidified itself as my favorite movie of all time; Anchorman. There's just something about this movie that makes me want to watch it over and over and over again and not get tired of it. I've bought Blu-Ray copies of both Anchorman 1 and the sequel which I will talk about at a later time, and I've watched it enough times that I've been able to naturally use quotes from the movie in everyday conversations ( a feat t…