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Scott Pilgrim Fights in ten words or less

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is without a doubt one of my favorite movies of all time. After watching it for the 15th time last night and reading the comics for the first time, I decided to review each fight in the movie in 10 words or less.

Matthew Patel: a Brilliant fight that helps kick off the plot.

Lucas Lee: Captain America cascades down a cold rail to climactic demise.

Todd Ingram: Scott pulls the 'ole switcheroo on vegan, plus bass battle

Roxanne Richter: Ramona whips out giant hammer for an epic duel

Katayanagi Twins: Twin dragons vs giant yeti proves to be very underwhelming

Gideon round 1: amazing fight choreography but not that amazing

Gideon round 2: friggin amazing with a beautiful tag team fight at the end

Now its time to figure out which fight exactly is the best fight in the entire movie on a scale from one to ten.

Katayanagi Twins: 6/10 not a bad fight but it felt rushed and the musical kaiju fight could've been better

Roxanne Richter: 7/10 had some really grea…