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Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War is the 3rd film in the Avengers series and the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has an all star cast featuring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Brolin just to name a few. It is more or less an epic event 10 years and 19 films in the making. Many of us Marvel fans were already aware of the Infinity Gauntlet story line from the comics but for those who do not know; here is a quick rundown. Thanos is a bad guy in the truest definition of the word. He obtains the Infinity Gauntlet with all six infinity stones and wipes out half of all life. The infinity stones are these 6 magical gems that hold incredible power and control a certain aspect of life. The time, space, reality, mind, power, and soul stones were created at the same time as the big bang and were scattered throughout the cosmos. Thanos collects the stones and as I said before, wipes out half of all life. He does this for one reason and one reason only: to impress The Grim Reaper who is a woman in the Marvel Universe. The remaining heroes on Earth band together to stop and succeed in the end. The movie version however is not at all the same.
In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is a humble warrior who has grown tired of seeing people die from starvation and over population that he decided that desperate times call for desperate measures. He goes on a quest to collect the infinity stones to wipe out half of all life in an attempt to control the population and bring about peace to the galaxy. The Avengers along with Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange band together to stop Thanos from gathering the stones and wiping out half of all life.
I love this movie with every fiber of my being and I was so pumped for Avengers Endgame that I had already purchased my ticket the day they went on sale. I love everything from Josh Brolin’s stellar performance as Thanos to just the narrative structure of the movie. Since Infinity War is such a large scale movie with so many character, the Russo brothers ( who directed this beautiful work of art) split it into three separate stories with each being led by one of the three founding members of the MCU Avengers. Thor’s story is the first we see as the movie begins with Thanos attacking Thor’s ship that we saw at the end of Thor Ragnarok. It follows Thor going on a quest for revenge against Thanos. He meets the Guardians of the Galaxy and with the help of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, he manages to create an Axe that he believes can kill Thanos. The second story follows Tony Stark and his plan to stop Thanos.  It begins with him talking to his fiance Pepper about having a kid and then he is confronted by Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner who just recently got the snot beaten out of him by Thanos while on Thor’s ship. Tony learns about the Infinity stones and Thanos’ plan to wipe out half of all life. He along with Dr. Strange, Spiderman, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy travel to Titan ( Thanos’ home planet) to try and beat him there. The third story follows Captain America and his plan to protect the Mind Stone which is inside of Vision’s head. He travels to Wakanda along with Falcon, Black Widow, Vision (who was attacked by one of Thanos’ minions earlier in the movie and is now critically injured), and the rest of the Avengers minus Ant-Man and Hawkeye. They meet up with Black Panther and Winter Soldier who has a shiny new arm to protect Vision and the Mind Stone. If you have already seen the movie then you know these plans all end up failing miserably due to many reasons that would take too long to list here.
Avengers: Infinity War is an Action/Sci-fi film that was 10 years and 19 films in the making. Despite it being an action film, it shares very few characteristics of a typical action movie. The heroes don’t win in the end, The characters all have some sort of depth  to them, and believe it or not but the villain is the main character of the movie. Regardless of all that, the movie features a lot of fighting, explosions, special effects, and a huge budget. It is without a doubt an action film and I hope will go down in history as one of the greatest action films of all time.


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